Social Responsible Bridal

Our commitment to ethical & socially responsible business practices are the foundation stone of our business.

The Naledi Collection is distributed by IGC Brand Services, a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. All our business practices are independently monitored for compliance with the industry’s highest standards of ethical and socially responsible business principles.

We believe in accountability.

The IGC Group of companies is an international organization that is involved in every aspect of the diamond pipeline. Our diamonds and jewelry are manufactured and distributed under our direct control. At IGC, all of our rough diamonds are purchased from mining houses and approved trading houses that guarantee their diamonds to be conflict free.

We believe in business transparency.

We sponsor jewelry trade missions to inspect the diamond mining operation and our diamond cutting facilities in Botswana. Working conditions in all our factories are subject to independent monitoring. We believe that all of our jewelers and customers benefit from our having a transparent manufacturing pipeline.

We invest in the countries where we do business.

The IGC Group threadquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with factories in Thailand, Laos, and Botswana (the world/s largest diamond producer). We also have sales offices in Chicago and New York, Hong Kong, India and Shanghai in China. We always strive to invest in the long-term benefit of the communities in which we do business. We do this through the following means:

Build Factories

Create Jobs

Provide Skills Training

Create Infrastructure

We work to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our paper catalogs have largely been replaced with electronic media, and all of our display systems have been fitted with energy efficient LED lighting.

Product Integrity.

We devote an enormous amount of time and resources to ensure the integrity of our diamond jewelry. Our hallmaking and control procedures ensure complete peace of mind for our customers at the sales counter. IGC also provides ongoing help and assistance to customers who purchase a piece from the Naledi jewelry collection.

We give back.

For many years, IGC Brands has made charitable contributions to organizations such as Global Giving. For 2014, our policy is to set aside 3% of our net profits as a charitable contribution.